About Olooma

WordPress self-update Websites from £295

WordPress technical support.

Web application development.

Fully responsive for mobile, tablet or PC.

Olooma offer cost effective Websites for individuals and SMEs.

Our websites are search engine friendly and mobile responsive so can be accessed through any common web compliant device.

Our content management based websites are designed to allow you to focus on your business.

You can quickly and easily update your content without having to worry about any design or technical considerations. You can add, update, delete images, text, links and more, directly to your website via a browser.

With many years of sales and marketing experience we can also assist in defining your website offering and creating your content.

The Power of a Website

More and more consumers are looking for products and services online. The Internet is a virtual High Street and without a presence on that street you will be losing out to competitors. Even if you do not sell your products or services through E-Commerce fewer consumers will be aware of your offering if you are not on the Internet.

The Internet is a 24 hour information highway and consumers therefore expect up-to-date and relevant information.

Our content management based websites enable you to provide such information to your consumers, ensuring that your business is presented at its best and your continuous hard work to develop a competitive edge is known to your customers.

A website that is not up-to-date or who’s style looks dated will make your business look neglected or even defunct!


Our website packages are designed for people that want to focus on their business or profession and not to worry about design considerations and technicalities. We look after the webpage technicalities leaving you to update the content and get on with the task in hand.

If you have a technical problem with a WordPress website we will be happy to provide the necessary technical support.

If you have a web or Internet need that you cannot resolve with readily available solutions please contact us to see if we can help. We have provided a lot of back-end applications such as databases, shopping carts, customer service management solutions, etc.

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