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Jilly's Garden Care

Creating and caring for beautiful gardens and the wildlife within.



Jilly is passionate about the benefits a garden can bring to both home and nature. A garden can be a haven against our day to day stresses and a sanctuary to birds, bees and other wildlife giving additional pleasure to the garden experience.
Since completing a garden design apprenticeshiop at Merrist Wood College, Jilly has gained many years experience in creating and caring for both small and large gardens. Her skills cover the following services;

  • Landscaping and replanting
  • Lawn care, cutting, raking, scarifying, edge trimming
  • Eco friendly pest control
  • Eco friendly plant care
  • Decking and patio care
  • Green waste clearance
  • Hedge cutting, trimming, shaping, removal
  • Installation of nest boxes, insect homes and hedgehog houses
  • Third party services such as fencing, paving, sheds, outbuildings, etc.

Call Jilly now on 01234 567 8901 or 07766 554433 if you have any questions or would like a quote.


Weeds composted


New plantings


Hedgehog homes


Lawns cut


“I can't believe the transformation that Jilly has made to our garden! Now that the children have grown up Jilly has turned a worn-out playground into a beautiful place to sit and relax or to entertain friends. It is as if we have extended the house and have this exciting new annexe!”

“We wanted a lovely garden full of flowers and a lawn for a seating area but were so worried that the pesticides and fertilisers used to create such a garden would damage the environment. Jilly has introduced as to all sorts of natural pest control and plant care systems that we had no idea existed. Now we enjoy the bees and the butterflies as much as the flowers, knownig that they wont come to harm in our garden.”

“I have tried over the years to keep on top of my garden but with the demands of work and family it was always a losing battle. Now Jilly comes in once a month and you would think we had a team from 'Ground Force' at work!”


Whatever your garden query, do not hesitate to contact us.
If you would like a free quote then please let us know the size of your garden and what you would like to achieve.
Thank you.

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