Do I need SEO? (Search Engine Optimisation)

All our websites are built in a way that is search engine friendly. This enables search engines to easily index your content and link your website content to a users search terms. For our CMS sites, we include the free version of the YOAST SEO plugin. YOAST further streamlines the website and reviews your content to suggest improvements that will raise your rankings.

SEO is an area in which a lot of money can be spent for uncertain returns. There are many SEO consultancies that can improve your rankings but their services are not cheap.

Like social media each business must assess whether the returns will justify the investment and whether the money is better spent on other forms of marketing. Unfortunately, like advertising the returns on SEO are difficult to measure. The Internet is a dynamic environment and search engine SEO rules can change overnight. A high ranking achieved through SEO one month may not persist in later months.

Should I use social media?

Social media is another form of marketing and each business must assess whether the various forms of social media will reach their target audience and if the cost and time involved in maintaining the social media is a profitable investment. Blogs, Facebook pages, etc. that are not kept up to date can make the business appear disinterested or even defunct! Traditional marketing solutions may still be the best option for some business offerings.

However, social media can be a very cheap way of reaching a wide target audience and it is worth doing some research on how it is used within your business sector.

Before posting clients should have a social media strategy, as there is a danger of doing more harm than good.

The purpose of marketing is to be seen by, and connect with, your target market with the hope to eventually turn them into customers. It’s important to remember that there are many ways to market your business and social media is only one of them.

Getting started with a social media strategy

When social media is a waste of time for businesses